SEO and Marketing Services with Guaranteed Results (or your money back)

What makes us different? Two words!

1. Honesty: Look if you’re a business owner then you know that there are hundreds of tools to make your own website and then market it. Everything from GoDaddy to Shopify can work for you. You’ve overcome bigger hurdles to get here and making a website, running Google and Facebook ads, aren’t ones that you cannot overcome yourself. Most teenagers can do this stuff. It’s just that you want someone reliable and professional to do this. We get it. That is why we offer very reasonable rates to our clients proportional to the value we add.

But our definition of honesty goes a whole lot further. We won’t hesitate to tell you if we think you’re making a mistake. We genuinely want your business not to spend a single dime on online marketing and we may even want to invest in it as well. We have previously waived payments for our clients with financial (cash flow related) concerns and also invested in our clients (yes actually bought shares of family run business using our own cash as well as long term service agreements). As a service provider we have risked our own capital when partnering up to open other locations for our client. Needless to say that our philosophy of doing business is not to get rich by nickle-and-diming business owners for a few hundred dollars a month. Instead we would rather grow big together with you.

2. Technical Expertise:  While others focus on online advertising as a means to drive visitors to your website, we work with you at the invoice/job level to identify the profitability of each customer. We wont brag about how many clicks, page visits, page rank, phone calls, CPC and other gibberish we got for you. Instead we craft advertising campaigns that allow you to capture high valued customers and directly track their impact on your bottom line. We believe that if we cannot undeniably demonstrate, in real dollars (not clicks, calls, leads, visits etc.), that we have a net positive impact on your business then we don’t deserve your business nor your trust. 

THAT is what makes us different.

It goes without saying that we’re not a typical “SEO company” peddling higher Google rankings or useless LIKES. We are an owner operated business ourselves and we know that every dollar we spend during our operations needs to add to our bottom line. We apply that same principle in advertising for you and we take pride in providing the highest level of advertising consultancy. In fact we’re probably one of the only advertising consultancy firms that have advised our clients to reduce their online advertising budget and focus their efforts on advertising strategies that exploit word of mouth and existing customers.

If you’re not happy with your current online marketing specialist or have never thought about engaging in such services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can grab coffee at our place (of business) or yours and chat about how we can work to improve your online presence.

How do we deliver on our promise? What is our secret?

The short answer is that we do so by putting your business before its online persona. We comprehensively examine your business going down to the invoices being generated for profitable customers. We may even visit your business at odd times (pretending to be a customer) and certainly pay a visit local competitors to establish a baseline for what we’re up against. A large chunk of our time is spent analyzing your industry and conducting research on profitability. One of our clients has told us that “you’ve examined us more thoroughly than our auditor.” Once we’ve figured out every nitty gritty detail of your business (without you having to pay us a single dime for it), we then sit down with you and drill down into what makes your business unique and how to accelerate its growth.

We recognize that not every customer, lead, click or phone call is the same. Each can generate varying amounts of revenue with different servicing costs imposed on your business. Unless we drill down into the micro details of what, where, when, and how your business operates we cannot effectively squeeze out every last penny that you’re spending on advertising. That is why we take a more comprehensive approach towards online marketing by focusing on the profitability of potential customers visiting your online and offline locations.

Marketing Consultancy Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

By far the most common question we get is how much do you charge for your services and by far the most common reaction we get at our answer is surprise. For the majority of small businesses, marketing consultants sound scary since it is commonly believed that they are only going to give advice that the business owner knows anyways. The truth is far from that. In our experience, we have helped businesses grow and realize unique market opportunities that come from the right approach to SEO and PPC marketing for their business.

Our approach to consultancy for online marketing and SEO is a continuous approach whereby we charge a monthly retainer between ($250-$499) for our services after the initial consult and plan has been implemented. These retainer payments allow you to keep us with you as you explore new opportunities and we provide continual feedback that improve your bottom line.