What makes us different? Two Things!

Honesty and Technical Expertise. Simply put, our expertise in technology and know-how in terms of getting results for you will give you honest results that you expect. Each marketing dollar you spend will go towards improving your bottom line in a transparent and effective manner.

More to the point, we are confident enough in our technical skills and honest enough to say that if we do not live up to the goals we agree to then we will give you your money back. That’s our simple promise to you!

website and app development services in the GTA

Look if you’re a business owner then we understand that you are well capable of problem solving. Websites and Tech support aren’t difficult but you want someone reliable and professional to take them off your plate. We get it. That is why we offer very reasonable rates to our clients proportional to the value we add.

But our definition of honesty goes a whole lot further. We won’t hesitate to tell you if we think you’re making a mistake. We genuinely want your business not to spend a single dime on web/online marketing or additional hardware. Needless to say that our philosophy of doing business is not to get rich by nickle-and-diming business owners for a few hundred dollars a month. Instead we would rather grow big together with our clients and partners.

While others tech support providers may charge a monthly retainer, we earn it by regular visits regardless of a system failure. Our philosophy on website building and online marketing is also very different. We wont brag about how many clicks, page visits, page rank, phone calls, CPC and other gibberish we got for you. Instead we will track customers online to your website and then through the front door to prove our worth. We believe that if we cannot undeniably demonstrate, in real dollars (not clicks, calls, leads, visits etc.), that we have a net positive impact on your business then we don’t deserve your business nor your trust.

THAT is what makes us different.

It goes without saying that we’re not a typical “IT company” peddling services that you will not benefit from. We are an owner operated business ourselves and we know that every dollar we spend during our operations needs to add to our bottom line. We apply that same when working for you.

If you’re not happy with your current IT Tech support company or online marketing specialist or have never thought about engaging in such services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can grab coffee at our place (of business) or yours and chat about how we can work to improve your online presence.

What is our secret to online marketing?

The short answer is that we do so by putting your business before its online persona. We comprehensively examine your business going down to the invoices being generated for profitable customers. We may even visit your business at odd times (pretending to be a customer) and certainly pay a visit local competitors to establish a baseline for what we’re up against. A large chunk of our time is spent analyzing your industry and conducting research on profitability. One of our clients has told us that “you’ve examined us more thoroughly than our auditor.” Once we’ve figured out every nitty gritty detail of your business (without you having to pay us a single dime for it), we then sit down with you and drill down into what makes your business unique and how to accelerate its growth.

website and app development services in the GTA

We recognize that not every customer, lead, click or phone call is the same. Each can generate varying amounts of revenue with different servicing costs imposed on your business. Unless we drill down into the micro details of what, where, when, and how your business operates we cannot effectively squeeze out every last penny that you’re spending on advertising. That is why we take a more comprehensive approach towards online marketing by focusing on the profitability of potential customers visiting your online and offline locations.

website and app development services in the GTA

Marketing Consultancy Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

We hate the word “consultancy” and we call it advice by fellow business owners. For the majority of small businesses, marketing consultants sound scary since it is commonly believed that they are only going to charge you and then give advice that you know anyway. The truth is far from that. In our experience, we have helped businesses grow and realize unique market opportunities that come from the right approach to competitive analysis and marketing for their business.