Custom made software for your business

We create customized software solutions for your business which run on any and all platforms you require. The three major categories of custom software created by us are web based business management tools, mobile apps and desktop software tools.

Web App for your business

A web app is essentially a website that lets you perform business actions and run your company without incurring the expense of going through the process of developing a full blown mobile or desktop app. You get the most bang for your buck on web apps because you can run them on any browser in the world and get work done. If you’ve ever used a service like Gmail or had a chat session on a website with a support provider in your browser you have used a web app. Since internet browsers are already capable platforms and are accessible on a number of devices a web app allows your workforce to be mobile and ready to respond to your clients as and when needed. Nuanced Technologies understands that many businesses do not need a dedicated client side mobile app or desktop software and their needs can be well serviced with a web app that is used internally to improve back end services. This is often the first solution we recommend to our clients as it is the cheapest development option for a lot of business needs.

Customized Mobile Apps

An iOS or Android based mobile app created for your business can be used to provide client side services as well as the tools required by your employees to run the business. Mobile apps are considerably more complex than simple websites as they have specific security requirements that have been placed by the iOS or Android platform. In addition they do sacrifice a lot of business side flexibility at the cost of looking slick and smooth. While they can be an ideal solution for some businesses that would like to provide an additional avenue of service to their clients, they are also limited in some forms and can be expensive to develop. Many companies have come to us seeking the development of a mobile app for their business and have found that a mobile app may not be the best solution for them especially when it comes to the implementation of business processes for their workforce. In such cases we often recommend that the business should consider a full desktop app for their needs.

Desktop Software Solutions

We offer desktop application development services for your specialized business needs. These solutions are especially useful where a lot of data needs to be accessed from local storage or a deployment solution requirement necessitates a desktop environment. These business solutions are often complex and require a significant investment both in terms of time and money. Ideally, only very large corporations or large businesses would require desktop based solutions but certain niche small businesses also need them to provide client services. Our deployments for business desktop apps are built to your specified requirements and we work closely with your teams to ensure that your investment is used effectively.

Custom Software Development Prices

Since the software projects we create for your business are tailored to your needs, the exact price for creating the right solution for your company can vary based on your requirements. If there are modules you do not need, the price can be significantly lowered. On the other hand, we are able to add on as many features and customization options as you would like for all your software tools.  For your convenience we have provided an average range of prices for software projects that have been completed in the past by us.

Web apps


Mobile apps


Desktop Software



Custom made IT solutions can help your business get ahead in a crowded field and our software development services can do that for you. Business software is not limited to implementing cloud based solutions such as the G-suite or MS Office. In fact, business software is often highly customized and developed exactly to the needs of one client that can lead to a unique advantage that no other competitor can have.

The nature of the software is often broad e.g. a content management system, a client management tool or even project management software but when it has been developed specifically for your business it gives you immense control and abilities.

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