Healthcare Software Development and Legacy Maintenance

Nuanced Technologies is a full service software development and sub-contracting firm serving clients in the Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge & Guelph areas. Our core specialization is .NET (including Blazor) based desktop and web applications coupled with SQL Server or NOSQL back ends. We serve businesses that may not have or want to maintain full-time internal expertise for very specific short-lived projects. We can dedicate human resources (long term or short term contracts) for continuous software maintenance and development on behalf of our clients. We also serve IT departments of companies in our region by developing, maintaining and implementing features in legacy applications that they may have inherited.

Your Local Microsoft Development Experts

If your project utilizes any part of the Microsoft stack, we should be your go-to development shop. Technologies that we are very familiar with include:

  • Microsoft .NET and .NET Core Desktop/Server Applications in C# & Visual Basic
  • ASP Based Web-Applications/API (Everything from asp classic to web forms to Azure based Blazor Deployments)
  • Most modern Javascript front-ends (Angular, Vue, React etc.)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (Development, Deployment, Troubleshooting, Maintenance), DB/2, Oracle, MongoDB Application Roll outs. Distributed server setups, replication and performance tuning specialists.
  • Everything in between that is Microsoft (VBA to MS Access Deployments)

Nuanced Technologies is proud to be a Microsoft Certified Partner with several MCSD (Microsoft Certified Systems Developers) on our team.



What Makes Us Different?


Custom made IT solutions can help your business get ahead in a crowded field and our software development services can do that for you. Business software is not limited to what you can buy yourself. Getting something custom built that lets you turbo-charge productivity is key for small businesses to grow.