Website Development for Small Businesses in  Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph & Cambridge

If you’re looking to give your website and online presence a boost look no further. Nuanced Technologies currently provides website development and ongoing maintenance service to more than two dozen active small-businesses around our service area (Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph & London). We have even helped businesses launch single page portfolios, impressive online catalogs (real-estate) and even online shopping portals to target high valued customers outside of Canada.

If there is one thing we would like to emphasize is that we simply do not sell our customers a website. There are likely many that may be able to beat our prices. In fact, as a small business owner you are likely the person who can (with a little bit of effort) make a clean and good looking website yourself. Technology isn’t really the hard part here, it is making the business benefit from that technology which is difficult. We’ll let one of our client’s testimonials explain to you what that means:

“What I really appreciate about you guys [Nuanced] is that you’ve helped me through the whole process of getting started and selling online on my website. You were there when my accountant didn’t respond about how to handle US dollar invoices [in my accounting system]. Your advice on how to target US customers on our website, dealing with cross-border transactions and HST issues was invaluable. Just the impact of US sales and the favourable exchange rate was well above our expectations. In fact, every little bit from dealing with credit card charge-backs to managing online reviews about us has really helped our business grow. You’ve definitely got a customer here for life!”  – Shirley M.

We offer very affordable rates for website development services, online marketing (advertising, pay-per-click and SEO) related services. So whether you want an elegant online presence or you want to have a complete online shopping cart setup for your business to sell online, we have both the technical and business experience to guide you through the process. So call us for free advice or quote, because we would rather you be a friend than a customer!

Looking to get a Mobile App or Custom Made Software? We can help there too!