SEO, PPC and Online Marketing Services for Stratford, Kitchener/Waterloo and London Businesses

Nuanced Technologies is tech company based out of Stratford ON, offering online marketing services to local small-medium businesses. We have helped numerous businesses in Stratford, London, Kitchener/Waterloo and Cambridge increase their online presence through effective online marketing and advertising strategies.

If there is one thing that makes us different from the others is that we actively refuse client work if our clients don’t need it. Yes believe it or not we don’t want your money unless spending that money helps you out in some measurable way. That has been our policy from day one and we will always stick to it. It has made us successful because we make long lasting friends in business instead of one-time customers. Here is a prime example of this refusal:

A well established dentist based out of London Ontario contacted us in September 2017 for a quote on refreshing her website. She had a lot of elaborate requirements (online chat, booking, invoicing, credit card processing etc.) mostly derived from her looking at other dentist’s websites who recently started up in her area.

For us, a natural question to ask was why would a well running dental office (88% time/equipment utilization) with a very loyal repeat customer base want to spend a considerable amount money making its website “look cooler.” After discussing the issue with the owner we both agreed that her current website was adequate. Based on our experience it would be best if the dentist used word of mouth (current clients) to spread the word of the practice and increase the utilization further.

We concluded that dental practice was well established and did not need the expense of a sparkling new website and aggressive online marketing. Sometimes boring but profitable is better than cool and expensive. If however the business was rapidly expanding, hiring a new surgeon/hygienist, or if it were a new dental practice just starting up in the area, our advice would have been vastly different.

For this dentist we ended up designing a one page brochure to put alongside the “thank-you” bag that clients got after their regular cleaning visits. The call to action in that one page brochure was that loved ones do not let their friend neglect their dental health. This brochure encouraged their friends to visit the dentist and get a 5% discount on any out-of-pocket services. This campaign was extremely profitable for the business because it utilized the best possible way of capturing clients in this industry (not online but word of mouth).

The sad reality is that most technology consultants that service small business are simply salespeople in disguise looking out for their own interests. When it comes to online marketing and pay-per-click management, we find that most businesses do not need the aggressive strategy that other consultants are peddling. The concept of spending your money on online advertising and then charging you for it without being able to justify how profitability has increased is simply insane for us.

If you would like to have a no-obligations conversation about your business and its online marketing challenges, feel free to give us a call. We’re always there and don’t mind (or charge) for talking to you and giving you advice. In fact we love to talk to other business owners in Stratford, Kitchener/Waterloo, London and surrounding areas and learn from them as well!